maintenance2At Border Conveyor Belt Services we use the latest technology to repair all types of belts with patches, fasteners, splices and clips. Our repair and service technology is designed to be efficient and fast to minimise your operating downtime. We have qualified technicians who can work with your maintenace or project staff, to design and improve product flow using the lastest technology in conveyor and transmission belting. We can problem solve your belting issues to increase productivity and save you money.

We offer a complete belt installation service to keep you running around the clock. Our belt technicians can come to your plant anytime to install a belt to keep you producing. We are just a short phone call away to solving your breakdown nightmares.

Our Onsite Services Include:

  • Repair and service work during planned “Shuts”
  • Installation and repairs of all types of belt
  • Installation and maintenance of Belt Cleaning and Tracking Systems
  • In-situ Pulley Lagging & Rubber Lining
  • Inspection & maintenance of rollers, pulley & structure

Key benefits of Inspection & Maintenance Programs:

  • Extend the life and productivity of valuable equipment
  • Reduce the chance of unexpected equipment failure and the consequent downtime
  • Improve the reliability and productivity of equipment
  • Prevent expensive after hours service calls by planning maintenance