Selecting the Proper Hose Assembly

In order to obtain the best service from any particular hose application two important conditions must be filled:

  1. 1. Select the right hose for the job
  2. 2. Make sure that it is fitted correctly and used in the proper manner

Carefully consider the application requirements. A helpful guide is the “Stamped” process. Stamped is an acronym and stands for the seven major information areas required to provide a quality assembly. To do a quick check to see if you are selecting the proper hose assembly you can fill out the quick form below.

Note: A hose should always be selected based on its rated working pressure. Do not use minimum burst pressure as a guideline in selecting the hose. Minimum burst pressure decreases over the use and life of the hose. A hose should be selected based on its rated working pressure to provide a normal service life. In addition, always select a hose by giving consideration to its recommended temperature limits. Hose service life is reduced if the temperatures of the fluids being conveyed or ambient temperatures exceed the recommended limits.

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