Fuel Line/Emission Control Hose

Multipurpose hose for use on fuel line, PCV and EEC systems. The Hysunite® hose cover is oil and petrol resistant and withstands exposure to fuel, vapor, moisture and high heat up to 125°C. The rubber tube is specially compounded to resist diesel, oil and unleaded petrol and blends of ethanol, methanol and others. Meets or exceeds the requirements of SAEJ30R6 & SAEJ30R7.

Tube: Black Nitrile to resist ozone, heat and petroleum products
Reinforcement: Synthetic textile
Cover: Black Hysunite® to resist ozone, heat and oil

-40°C to 125°C

Continuous brand example “Goodyear™ 5/8“ (15.9mm) Fuel/Emission SAE30R7 Made in USA”

For special production run minimum requirements, please contact customer service